Extraordinary People at Five TV

Extraordinary people is the Five series of absorbing documentaries exploring remarkable stories of human experience and achievement from all over the world.

It’s an inspiring story that brings out the good in everyone.

There are very few occasions when TV produces a surprise, but even given the title, this was one.

Extraordinary People could have been voyeuristic - but it was an amazing feat of science.

Her parents thought that she had a bright future; their only concern was how people would react to her, and how she would cope with their reaction - and, as she grew older, how she would feel about it. This moving documentary suggested she would cope pretty darned well.

On the face of it, Channel Five's Extraordinary People strand is its own little travelling freak show. But there's a clear-eyed humanity at work here...

Additional Details

  • Runtime 60 min
  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Color Color
  • Stereo Mix Stereo