Build a New Life in the Country at Five TV

The property and lifestyle series returns with new presenter Charlie Luxton. The show follows British adventurers who dream of creating homes in perfect rural locations.

Charlie Luxton swoops in like Superman without the mis-placed pants, and is incredibly genuine in his championing of the couple’s project.

They'd done it all with a budget of 14 grand - daft, perhaps, but also, as George said, truly inspirational.

Programmes like this are shown regularly on all channels (often with a location in France or Spain to add an exotic touch to the debacle), and the production team usually edits the footage mendaciously, to turn every mini-drama into a full-blown crisis. But presenter (and architect) George Clarke honourably kept a measured and moderate tone throughout, warning the couple that they were pursuing "an unbelievably brave dream", but wisely refusing to exaggerate the scale of their problems.

Most of us have seen enough property renovation shows to last a lifetime, but this one was special.

Additional Details

  • Runtime 48 min
  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Color Color