How the Other Half Live at Channel 4

Documentary series that aims to show what it means to grow up in poverty in 21st-century Britain. In each episode, a wealthy family decides to assist one that is living below the poverty line.

He's a self-made tycoon. She's a single mum in debt. But when they met for a TV show, both came away with something money can't buy...

If you wanted kids who talked like real kids, parents who acted like real parents and some genuine humour then it was there in How The Other Half Live.

The series raises important questions about how we respond to the poverty on our own doorsteps.

It’s a programme which really does restore your faith in humanity. Not exploitative or crass but genuinely heart-warming and it’s pleasing to see something that doesn’t revel in others’ misfortunes.

How the Other Half Live turns on its head the misconceptions both mothers and daughters had about each other’s lives. The experience gave both families an insight into how self-esteem can transform one’s hopes and expectations, as well as the value of love, faith and trust.

Additional Details

  • Runtime 48 min
  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Color Color

Produced by RDF Television