Ruth Watson's Country House Rescue at Channel 4

Ruth Watson is back for a third series of Country House Rescue, taking on some of Britain's biggest country houses and most historic families.  Britain's historic buildings are central to our sense of identity, but they are in crisis. The recession has left stately home owners facing a predicament not seen since the mass demolitions of the 1960s. Can Ruth find new ways of keeping these cash hungry buildings running, relevant and standing?  From the Scudamores of Kentchurch to the Maxwells of Monreith; Ruth brings her no-nonsense business savvy to bear on centuries of family history and tradition.

Hotelier Ruth Watson is back doing what she does best.

Thanks a lot, Ruth. Next time you stay, we'll make sure there's a teabag in the showerhead.

Known for her sharp eye and attention to detail when it comes to perfecting the hotel experience, Watson is determined to offer a reality check to the six couples who all feel that running a hotel or B&B will be a piece of cake.

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  • Country UK
  • Language English
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Produced by Betty TV