My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding at Channel 4

Cutting Edge follows four Gypsy and Traveller brides as they plan their wedding day. Producer Osca Humphreys introduces the happy families at their lavish celebrations.

How long Travellers can retain their peculiar identity will depend, very much, on how willing the younger generation are to go along with tradition. Judging from last night's displays of nuptial grandeur, it would seem they are more than prepared to do so.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding attracted more than 4.5 million viewers on Channel 4 last night, Thursday 18 February – winning the 9pm hour.

Gaining rare access to these often misunderstood people, this fascinating film used the prism of the weddings to reveal a culture that is still discriminated against .

This good-natured programme was fascinating on lots of levels.

Britain is gypsy mad judging by the success of Channel 4's documentary My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. The Cutting Edge film bagged 5.3million viewers - FIVE TIMES -what the strand normally gets and its best show since 1996.

Additional Details

  • Runtime 48 min
  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Color Color

Produced by RDF Television