About United National Photographers

United National Photographers a vibrant and diverse provider of a broad range of modern digital photography services. Established in 1997, UNP looks forward to many more years and to serving many more customers in the future!

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Our Mission 

Our mission is the delivery of quality and affordable, best picture photography to newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, public relations and marketing firms. Our picture library service is hand-made and cost-effective for your publication.

Carbon Miles

Watch your carbon miles by commissioning UNP, the local photographer. By working with organisations like ours, we can accelerate the move to a low carbon footprint together.

Work Experience, Placement, Assistance, Internship

Currently UNP is not able to take on work experience, placements or internships due to our insurance limitations, limited office space and resources.  However, we regularly look out for new photographers to help us with our work across various regions. For more information about education, prizes etc, please visit Press Photo Agency and go to pages: prizes-and-education.